26 July 2017

More Writing!

Here are two more favourites:

A Horror Story
By Kyan
Steven and his family are off on a midnight walk around the island, just then out of nowhere they hear a whistle from a distance. Stevens face dropped “did you hear that” exclaimed Steven “yea” replied his dad. They keep walking, the whistle comes closer to them. “There it is again” said Steven, they start walk faster, they havn’t heard the whistle for about ten minutes now until they hear it right behind them. They turn but see nothing except for leaves falling from the sky like thev’e been thrown in the air by something behind them. The whistle comes again but this time in front, they stop, eyes wide open from what thev’e seen in front of them. The next morning they find the bodies lying on the gravel, the reported seen described the eyes missing...  

From then on, no one went outside at night again. Detectives search the area for any clues, but the only clue they found we’re the leaves and bare footprints.

By Josiah

‘Errrr’ I shivered as thoughts of cow's digestive systems spun around in my head. A thick, warm, squishy, brown mixture oozed in between my toes keeping my feet warm and stinky. Rotten old fences surrounded me, lining up the tanned grassy fields of farmland. ‘Ohh finally’ I sighed in relief, exiting the giraffe stench grasslands. The second paddock was complete. ‘Wow!’ I shouted in excitement, as a big view of the hidden beach came into my sight. Crystal clear waves peeled elegantly. The conditions were perfect and about an eight second swell followed as a bonus.

I walked down the dodgy looking field to the beach and as grass turned to big rocks and then to sand, I was there. Huge boulders guarded the banks that went right out to sea. The dark brown sand was sheltered by the sun from a big cliff behind me, the stringy roots and dirt, gazing upon the ocean. I got my velcro leg strap that was connected to my long, soft top board on just above my ankle and sprinted into the salty water. The water was just above my waste by now and I jumped onto my surfboard and started to paddle out to where the waves were breaking. My arms were throbbing with exhaustion and I had no idea how deep it was, but I had a pretty good feeling that it was a long way from my depth. ‘Oh no’ I said to myself, the feeling of panic building up inside my head. I got to the breaking line of the big waves. As I looked out at the waves from the grassy field before, I’d thought that the waves would be the perfect size for a learner like me, but I was proved wrong. Huge, monstrous waves climbed higher and higher and then suddenly, disaster struck. The wave was at it’s full height by now and it started to fall, on me. It took about two seconds to break and beat up the surface of the sea, including me. In that time, I held my breath, held onto my board tight and braced for impact. The rolling wave violently punched me down into the water and took me a few metres back to shore. It felt like being put in a machine washer and being spun around at full speed. As the wave passed, my board slowly took me back up to the the surface and I was able to breath in the fresh salty air again. I got back on my board and started to paddle as hard as I could to get out past where the waves were breaking, my energy slowly getting drained. ‘Finally’ I mumbled. I was out back, dodging all the evil waves that had half formed. Suddenly, a few waves later, a huge wave picked me up and quickly, I new that I wouldn't be able to get out of this one. I thought I’d have to either let it throw me down onto the ocean, or try and stand up and ride it. I decided quickly and went with the ‘try and stand up’ option, and soon I was boogie boarding down the front of the wave. Slowly, I struggled to stand up, but then at last, I was riding the wave. In an instant, I lost control of the board and started to wobble viciously.’Wow!’ I shouted, losing my balance, I really didn’t want to fall into the huge pile of whitewash, but I couldn’t help it. The wave carried me a few metres again, and I only had a little bit of energy left. I hopped back on my board and paddled back to where the waves were still forming. This was my last chance to catch a wave.

I sat on my board and looked out at the ocean observing for a good wave. Eventually, I found one. It was already half formed and was sprinting towards me. ‘Paddle,paddle, paddle!’ I chanted to myself. The wave picked me up and I rode down the wave, I was traveling really fast, almost accelerating faster than the wave. Slowly, I used the last of my energy and pushed myself up into the standing position. I made sure that I was stable and finally, I was riding the wave.
The end

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